June 6, 2018

2018 Award Recipients

IPEIA 2018 Award Recipients

IPEIA and its committees would like to once again congratulate the 2018 award winners for their outstanding achievement in their presentations.

Thank you to the National Board of Boiler Pressure Vessel Inspectors for all of the awards and for sponsoring this event!

Being on Time Award

First Presenter to get his abstract in on time:
Daniel McArthur, Stress Engineering

Moving with the Times Award

Conference App Super User:
David Colhoun, Teck Resources Ltd.

Up & Comer Presenter Award

2018TP074 – H2S Damage – Hot or Cold, It Happens:
Matthew Bell

Best Presentation Award

2018TP078 – Advances in HTHA Inspection and Evaluation (NDE and FFS) and Mehanistic Understanding (Model):
Michael Nugent, The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.

Best Presentation Award

2018TP070 -Asset Intregrity Monitoring Through Installed UT Sensors:
Steve Strachan, Sensor Networks, Inc.

Best Presentation Award

2018TP114 – Revising the Reporting of Accidents:
Robin Antoniuk, ABSA

Get in on the action for 2019 IPEIA conference for you chance to receive an award and be recognized for you efforts!