February 22, 2017

Call for Content

2022 Call for Content

Call for Content is Open!

Content is being accepted until October 1, 2021

IPEIA is looking for content to be provided either in-person, or through our virtual offerings for 2022. IPEIA will celebrate its 25th Anniversary and host our 2022 Conference and Exhibition in Jasper, Alberta from February 28 – March 3, 2022 at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

This is a one size fits all ‘Call for Content’ to support all categories that IPEIA may offer, including:

Content CategoryDescription
Keynote Presentation ProposalA keynote presentation offers a unique opportunity to address a theme for an event by someone is very accomplished in their field. Keynote speeches are usually based on the speaker’s own experiences and knowledge. They can include motivational and inspirational elements and IPEIA appreciates offering their members both industry related keynotes and socialized keynotes for our members to take away and learn from. It is considered a great honour to be asked to give one. These may be virtual, or in-person or a hybrid.
For more information: click here.
Technical Presentation AbstractPresentations should have a focus on the pressure equipment industry and technologies and be relevant to the design, construction, operation, in-service inspection, repairs and maintenance of pressure equipment and storage tanks, and case studies dealing with root cause failure analysis, accident/incident investigation, and multi-jurisdictional concerns. Suggested topics include but not limited to:
  • Asset Integrity ManagementMaterials / Welding
  • Engineering Analysis and DesignInspection and NDE
  • Case Studies / Failure Analysis
  • Codes and Regulations
These may be virtual, or in-person or a hybrid. For more information: click here.
Student Poster AbstractThe students are given the opportunity to showcase their knowledge while networking with industry leaders and experts. These may be virtual, or in-person or a hybrid.
For more information: click here.
Panel Discussion/Forum ProposalPanel Discussions or Forums are sessions offered where multiple presenters can discuss common topics or issues. The audience can pose questions individual presenters or the panel. These may be virtual, or in-person or a hybrid.
For more information: click here.
Training Course/Workshop ProposalTraining Courses and Workshops are technical sessions run by organizations, and facilitated by IPEIA. These may be virtual, or in-person or a hybrid.
For more information: click here.
Other or ‘Special’ Session ProposalSpecial Sessions that don’t fall into the other named categories. These may include lab demonstrations or other special events that may be virtual, or in-person or a hybrid.
For more information: click here.
Industry/User Group Meeting Request (for IGCharis use only)Note: For Industry Group Chairs only to use Industry Group Chairs, please complete this form if you wish to reserve a meeting space for an in-person membership meeting only.
Suggestion Box (all ideas welcome)All ideas welcome – what should IPEIA be thinking about doing for their members. These may be virtual, or in-person or a hybrid.

IPEIA is looking for topics that are relevant to the pressure equipment industry and asset integrity, areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Asset integrity management
  • Materials / welding
  • Engineering analysis and design
  • Inspection and NDE
  • Case studies / failure analysis
  • Codes and regulations
  • Repairs and alterations
  • Pressure equipment manufacturing

Instructions to Submit CONTENT using IPEIA’s APART/Registration System

STEP 1 On June 15, 2021 visit the APART/Registration System
STEP 2 Login (if you have an existing login to the IPEIA APART System or have registered for previous conferences)
Create a New Login
STEP 3 After logging in you should be directed to the submission form (STEP 4). If you are not, a button to the Content Submission form can be found on the registration home page (below).
NOTE: You can also view previously submitted content by clicking the link below “Submit Content”
Content Submission
STEP 4 Select the content type you would like to submit
Note: After making your selection the form will populate all the related fields to your selection.

STEP 5 Complete the Content Submission Form
NOTE: The form will auto-populate with your profile details if you had a previously created login. If you need to update your information, please click on the menu option “PROFILE” to makes changes. This will update your information on all your content submissions.
To return to the Content Submission Form, select the link under the “APART WEB TOOL” menu.

Edit your profile
STEP 5 To Review Your Submitted Content
Click on the “APART WEB TOOL” menu and click on “MY CONTENT SUBMISSIONS”
Click on the “VIEW DETAILS/EDIT” button on the content submission you wish to review
My Content Submissions
STEP 6 Save All Changes
If you edit the content submission your are reviewing, be sure to hit the “UPDATE CONTENT” button at the bottom of the form to save all changes
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