March 20, 2018

Certificate of Attendance

IPEIA 2020 – Certificate of Attendance

Thank you for attending the 2020 IPEIA Conference & Exhibition.
Your Certificate of Attendance is now available for download!

Please note that this service will be available to you for the previous years (starting 2018 onward). IPEIA’s administration does not keep these records on file, it is your responsibility to download and keep for your own files.

Download your Certificate of Attendance for IPEIA 2020!

Follow these steps to download your Certificate of Attendance.

1. Visit and log in using the email address you used to register for the conference.

2. Select the “REGISTRATION” menu at the top of the home page.

3.Click “MY REGISTRATIONS” and select the appropriate conference year.

4.On this new page there will be a list of your past registrations, select the button to the right for your certificate of attendance.

5. A new window containing a PDF will open, use the PDF menu options to download and/or print your certificate!

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Internet Explorer and Safari