October 20, 2016

2018 IPEIA Highlights

2018 IPEIA Conference

IPEIA 2018 Highlights

Feel the energy of IPEIA Conference and Exhibition. Watch our video highlights from IPEIA 2017.

This is IPEIA’s 22nd Annual Conference! We are extremely proud of the growth we have experienced over the years. We enjoy our relationships with our loyal delegates, exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers who continue to join us each year and we are thrilled to meet those new to the conference and to the industry who have chosen to attend IPEIA.

2018 proves to be a year of change! Our committees have listened to the feedback about all aspects of our conference to implement new systems, new technology, new ideas and welcoming NEW volunteers who have already provided incredible skills and enhancements to our program. Some of these changes include:

  • New Look… We REBRANDED!
  • New Website… ease to find what you need to know!
  • New Registration System… “easier to self-serve” and improve our reporting and management of our information
  • New Conference App – the entire conference at a glance, right on your phone.
  • New Exhibition Program… more time to network & exhibit new technologies and services… and new booth sizes
  • New Sponsorship Program… more sponsorship opportunities and improved execution of sponsorship commitments
  • New Student Program… offering a day dedicated to the up & coming to inspire our youth to be a part of our impressive industry
  • New Thursday Networking Event Venue…chance to see more of majestic Banff!
  • New Awards & Recognition Program… we are introducing a BEST Presentation Award & incentive draws for meeting deadlines for presentation submissions
  • We have secured some incredible Keynote Speakers and are well underway in building a quality technical program of presentations to:
    • Expand our skills and knowledge
    • Challenge our ways and our beliefs
    • Support industry practices and proven methods

We are looking forward to executing all of these ideas to bring you a fresh, informative and memorable conference.

2018 IPEIA Conference & Exhibition Stats

Total Registrants: 740
Total Pre-Registrations: 650
Student Registrations: 47
Spouse Registrations: 27

Keynote Speakers

Darby Allen – Fire Chief (Ret.)

“Courage Inside the Fire: A Story of Leadership”

During the catastrophic Alberta wildfires, fire chief Darby Allen shot to global acclaim for guiding the 88,000 residents of Fort McMurray to safety with no loss of life—the largest evacuation in Canadian history. Now, he offers guidance on how to be a stoic, quick-thinking leader in tough situations. We all face emergencies and crises—Allen shows us how to overcome them.

Known as the face of the Alberta wildfires—and widely celebrated as a national hero—Darby Allen is an exemplar of selfless courage and level-headedness under pressure. Allen was Regional Fire Chief of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, an area that encompasses the community of Fort McMurray. In spring 2016, he spearheaded the evacuation of the city’s entire population while the rest of the world watched. Throughout the ensuing weeks of operations, he worked tirelessly with first responders and volunteers, who came from across the nation (and globe) to assist. His updates to the media were not only a means of reliable information, but a source of optimism—Allen provided calm reassurance as the lead spokesperson throughout the rescue efforts.

Sponsored by:

Pam McIntyre – VP Safety and Asset Integrity – Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.

“Leveraging Industry Learnings to Enable Safe, Sustainable, and Economically Viable Operations”

In a career as a Materials Engineer (spanning over 30 years), Pam McIntyre has developed a keen understanding of how to apply her technical knowledge to a broad spectrum of industrial applications including steelmaking, consulting, and the oil & gas industry. She has learned the importance of not losing sight of the interrelatedness of the technical, cultural/leadership and business aspects of an issue when developing an effective and sustainable solution.

During her time with Canadian Natural, Pam McIntyre has been fortunate to have the opportunity to build a dynamic high performing team to focus on Occupational Safety, Asset Integrity and Process Safety Management for a broad portfolio of assets including conventional and thermal oil and gas assets, oil sands operations and offshore North Sea/West Africa operations. Her passion for building integrated teams that work collaboratively within the organization as well as with key external stakeholders has resulted in her success within the company and being recognized as an industry leader in championing performance improvement.

Sponsored by:

Joel T. Amato – Chief Boiler Inspector


Joel Amato has been the chief boiler inspector for the state of Minnesota for 18 years. Prior to joining the state, he served in the United States Navy, and now has a total of over 30 years of industry experience. Joel is active in six important National Board groups. He’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee, and a member on the Committee for Qualifications. Additionally, he is a member on three NBIC committees: The Main Committee, the Subcommittee for Repairs and Alterations, and Chairman of the Historical Boiler Subgroup. Joel represents a state with a considerable amount of historical boilers. Joel enjoys spending time out doors with his wife Suzanne and his three children, Sara, Brianna, and Thomas.

  • 4 years’ experience in the United States Navy, Boiler Technician, Petty Officer Second Class
  • 8 years boiler and gas turbine operating experience
    • St Mary’s Medical Center, Long Beach, CA
    • Lever Brothers Corporation, Commerce, CA
    • Stroh’s Brewery, St Paul, MN
  • 4 years boiler inspection experience
    • Kemper Insurance
    • Hartford Steam Boiler
  • 18 years as Chief Boiler Inspector for Minnesota (1999-current)
    • Responsible for the inspection of over 75,000 boilers and pressure vessels
    • 35,000 Licensed Engineers
    • 245 Historical Boilers
    • 105 Boats
  • Member of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors for 17 years
  • Elected as First Vice Chairmen on the Board of Trustees for the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors in (2006-2017)
  • Elected to Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the National Board in May of 2017
  • Chairman of the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) Historical Boiler Subgroup (2014-current)
  • Member of NBIC subcommittee and subgroup for repairs and alterations (2014-current)
  • Member of NBIC Main Committee (2014-current)
  • Chairman of the National Board Strategic Planning Committee (2015-current)
  • Member of the National Board Committee on Qualifications (2012-current)

Sponsored by:

Social Networking Events

Exhibition Appreciation Event

The Exhibition is an integral part of the IPEIA conference week. The 2018 exhibition will feature 74 companies displaying technologies and technical services related to Pressure Equipment Integrity over two floors in the Kinnear Center. The conference would not be the same without these exhibitors and the up-to-date technological information they bring. The Exhibitor Appreciation Event is IPEIA’s way of thanking companies for their continued support while providing an excellent networking opportunity for both vendors and delegates attending the conference.

Coffee Breaks

Coffee breaks are more than just a break. Coffee breaks at IPEIA are an opportunity to meet with colleagues, to digest the presentations, to see what is on display, and to meet with vendors, speakers and peers. Coffee breaks are also generously sponsored by companies that believe it is important to support our industry. So please stop for coffee, or a tea, enjoy a snack, and prepare for the next great presentation.

Welcome and Working Lunches

The Banff Center is an art center and food at the Centre is also an art form. Delegates are always treated to an excellent repast served on both exhibition floors. Lunches are sponsored by generous donors who believe in supporting the integrity industry. Once again, excellent food, lots of new technology and more opportunities to meet and discuss the latest in pressure equipment integrity.

Networking Dinner & Casino Event

IPEIA has grown considerably since its inception 22 years ago, and the conference has stretched the limits of our home at the Banff Center. In 2018 we want to try something new, and are moving the Thursday Networking and Casino off-site to a new venue: The Mountview Barbecue. Although the venue is new, the casino is still generously supported by a familiar Platinum sponsor, IRISNDT while the dinner is supported by a new Platinum sponsor, Nortech Advanced NDT. The Mountview Barbecue specializes in hosting functions such as IPEIA and offers a unique experience for conference delegates. Accessible by shuttle from The Banff Center (no on-site parking) Mountview is only 10 minutes from the center of Banff. It features two large tents heated by large central firepits and has enough space to host both the dinner and the casino. Moving to this new venue allows the IPEIA exhibition to remain open Friday morning so delegates can do some last-minute shopping!

To find out more about our new venue, visit: http://mountviewbbq.com/.

Awards & Closing Event

The Friday Closing is a new initiative for 2018. This brief but important ceremony gives delegates an opportunity to see who the winners were for various awards, including best presentation. The perfect end to the IPEIA week, while still allowing lots of time to head back home (or the office).
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