February 21, 2023

The Exhibition – Are you an Attendee?

I AM AN ATTENDEE – What do I need to know:

Conference Attendee
Conference Attendee
Conference Attendee

Attend the Exhibition and you can:

  • Visit 71 Exhibitors
  • Stay up to date on New Innovations and Developments within the industry
  • Enjoy an experience filled with creative engagement
  • Learn about new technologies, equipment and services being offered
  • Understand the difference between service providers and find the one that fits your needs
  • Build new relationships

I always look forward to walking the exhibition floor each year at IPEIA. The first day is usually a stroll to get the lay of the land, collecting the small promotional items and seeing what is out there. Something unexpected will peak my interest. An exhibitor will take me through their booth and see how their solution fits my problem. 

By the next day that stroll has had some time to run around in my head. That festering problem that the boss wants me to solve might just give way to… I head to that booth… busy.

Next coffee, free. I start asking the real questions. “No we haven’t tried that. It sounds similar to a job we did for this one client. Maybe we could do a small trial and see?”

A few months later, another problem solved.

– IPEIA Delegate
2024 IPEIA Exhibitors
2024 IPEIA Exhibition Floorplan