February 21, 2023

The Exhibition – Are you an Exhibitor?

Being an Exhibitor provides your company an opportunity to:

  • Directly access pressure equipment integrity specialists 
  • Promote your brand
  • Establish your organization as a thought leader
  • Speak directly to targeted potential customers
  • Network with industry leaders and owners

I AM AN EXHIBITOR – What do I need to know:

Exhibitor Booth
Exhibitor Booth
Exhibitor Booth

All the Exhibitors, from the First Time Exhibitors to the Exhibitors that were at the First Exhibition, help make the Conference Week a success!


How IPEIA Operates Why IPEIA doesn’t have Exhibition ONLY Tickets
  • We are a volunteer based organization
  • Volunteers (Committee Members) are Owners/Producers and Service Providers. Their companies support their commitment with IPEIA allowing the volunteer to dedicate their time and skills to help build the best membership offerings for our membership.
  • IPEIA’s staff and volunteers (Committee Members) work on your behalf to ensure that your company maximizes its investment in the conference.
  • IPEIA volunteers (Committee Members) have limited resources available to them which keeps costs affordable for everyone.
  • IPEIA is not for profit. Most exhibitions are FOR PROFIT which means that exhibitors expectations need to be adjusted. How a “for profit” company is very different than a not for profit and everyone needs to be mindful of these differences (ie: resources: people, time, money, tools, systems)

For more information

  • IPEIA’s Organizing Committee strategically chose the conference & exhibition venue and registration types to meet specific goals and to align to IPEIA’s mission statement. IPEIA is MORE than a conference. IPEIA is an ASSOCIATION based on a membership. IPEIA provides multiple membership offerings throughout the year. Over 700 people attend our conference. We must manage registrations to not exceed capacity for the safety of our attendees. There are fire code regulations and venue restrictions that we are contractually responsible for.
  • Every venue has capacity limits for safety and fire code laws. We are not legally allowed to exceed their capacity limits.
  • IPEIA is unique by hosting their meals in the Exhibition halls to drive the attendees to spend time with the Exhibitors. Suppling meals to ALL conference and exhibition attendees increase IPEIA’s costs significantly and also requires detailed preplanning with the venue.
  • IPEIA’s registration system is designed for single sign-on. It requires members to sign on individually using their own unique system login and staff pass code which are supplied to the corporate representative who purchases the booth. IPEIA’s system does NOT support one person to register multiple people. Again, each person MUST register themselves.

*750 (includes Conference Delegates, Exhibition Staff, Conference Support Team)

Exhibition Information Package
Exhibition Renewal/FRoR Information
Exhibition Floor Plan
IPEIA Exhibitors