December 20, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


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No, IPEIA’s registration system is single sign on and each person must have their own unique email and password to then access all of the information they may qualify for later with IPEIA (ie: certificates of attendance, past presentations, etc).

        1. Wednesday Networking event – tickets are NOT included – you must purchase these to attend – seating is limited


        1. Spousal program – registration is required


        1. Training Courses – some courses will have some fees which you will register for and pay directly with the training vendors 


        1. All information can be found on the website Registration - Registration - IPEIA




  • Conference Registration
  • Networking Tickets
  • Special Registration

To REGISTER for the Conference & Exhibition

1. Log in:

IPEIA - International Pressure Equipment Integrity Association

IPEIA Registration Login
2. Go to Registration / My Registration / 2023 and select your current membership IPEIA My Registrations Menu
3. Click on Edit/Make Payment Button IPEIA Current Membership Page
4. At the bottom of your invoice - click on Go Back and Make Changes button IPEIA Invoice Page Buttons
5. Click on Conference Categories and select Full Conference Registration IPEIA Conference Category Tab
6. Add any other additions you may wish to purchase (if they are available you will be able to select them, if they are already SOLD OUT you will not be able to add them)

*Please note: Wednesday Night Networking Event tickets must be purchased to attend the event (they are NOT included with the FULL REGISTRATION) Limited tickets

Click Continue and proceed to payment

IPEIA Additional Categories Tab
7. Complete payment – Click on Proceed to Payment button and follow all instructions IPEIA Payment Screen Screenshot

No, however, IPEIA’s members benefit from discounted rates and annual offerings including ongoing webinars 

IPEIA’s room block at Jasper Park Lodge is SOLD OUT. No need to worry though, we have arranged special room rates for you at additional hotels in Jasper – Accommodation - IPEIA

The conference refund policy, as noted in our registration system, is found on our Registration Policies - IPEIA.

Transfers are permitted only to another person if an email is sent to by the person who is offering to transfer their registration.  They must include the person they are transferring it to in the email and include their contact information. All transfer requests must be in 2 weeks prior to pre-registration closes.


Yes, space permitted. Registration is limited to 500 delegates. 

Yes! IPEIA is thrilled to bring back the Conference App - visit to learn more!

Conference registration counters will set up in the Jasper Park Lodge Lobby.

IPEIA Conference Delegates MUST wear their badge to gain access to all IPEIA event and programming.

We had a great run hosting the conference at Banff each year. Last year, we made the switch to Jasper, which is just a bit north in the Canadian Rockies. Based on last year’s turnout and feedback, attendees are thrilled with the new location. Travel is a bit easier for those coming from Northern Alberta, so we’ve been fortunate to see over 00 first-time attendees since we moved. Jasper Park Lodge, the facility that hosts the conference, is an absolutely world class venue. It’s a beautiful Rocky Mountain lodge retreat, so to speak. Attendees enjoy being able to get away from the office and discuss common problems with a like-minded international audience.

It doesn’t hurt that the conference is held inside of Canada’s largest National Park. The landscape as you drive through it is a showcase of Mother Nature’s abilities, with the sheer amount of mountains and geographical formations. It truly is a phenomenal place to host a conference. The Conference - IPEIA


Great question, we are always looking for new volunteers. Click here and fill out our volunteer form.

No, there is not an option to attend online. The IPEIA Conference & Exhibition is available in-person only.

IPEIA members have access to the presentations from the webinar series and the annual conference technical presentations. Visit Our Membership - IPEIA



Everyone who has registered in the past and attended a conference is able to login and access their certificates. You do not have to be an active member to obtain your past Certificate’s of Attendance, and you will still be able to log in under your previous login information to obtain it from your records.

Please follow the instructions to download your past certificates:  Certificate of Attendance - IPEIA.

If you are experiencing issues logging in, please check what login information was used to create your registration for the conference. For example:  If someone else registered you for your conference registration, then your certificate is currently under their information. To move a Certificate of Attendance to an alternate account, please contact

Please note, it is advised that you register yourself for IPEIA’s offerings, under your own login/registration information, to avoid any issues accessing your records later on.

Technical Program

Please refer to the program schedule online for all critical dates.

  • Submit a Technical Presentation Abstract by August 31st 
  • The Program Committee will review and vote on abstracts to narrow down the list to 58 candidates (42 conference presenters, 8 backup presenters, and 8 webinar presenters) 
  • All candidates will prepare and submit a PowerPoint presentation for approval 
  • Each candidate will be assigned 2 reviewers who will provide comments and feedback on your PowerPoint presentation 
  • Once all presentations are reviewed, conference candidates will be notified as a presenter or backup, and webinar presenters will be assigned their webinar slots 
  • NOTE: You are NOT confirmed as an IPEIA presenter until your presentation has been reviewed and approved by the Program Committee.  If you are unable to meet the deadlines set out by the Committee, you will not be confirmed as a presenter. 

Yes, they must register.  Final approved presenters are offered a discounted promo code (to be issued once final program is confirmed) to complete their registration with.

Yes, presenters are given a complimentary day pass for the day of their presentation, as well as a 50% off discount to upgrade to a full conference pass 

Hotel rooms are reserved for presenters and will be allocated after their presentations complete their submission and approval process.   

No, IPEIA’s registration system is single sign on and each person must have their own unique email and password to then access all of the information they may qualify for later with IPEIA (ie: certificates of attendance, past presentations, etc).

Please refer to the program schedule online for all critical dates.

Yes, a ppt template will be provided for submission 

No, we allow only 1 main presenter.  Others who are involved in putting together the presentations are welcome to join the main presenter for the Q&A.

No, IPEIA provides a presentation template with guidelines to be followed carefully.  

Reviewers will provide feedback to the presenters to update their presentations if required.  Reminder – technical presentations are to inform and educate.  All “sales pitches” will be asked to be removed.

Yes, this is required.  The orientation will provide an overview of the room set ups, equipment and support available for the presenters to set them up to be successful during their presentation session.  IPEIA Program Chairs will need to ensure that the presenter is on site and ready to present.

The video format is the only format IPEIA is offering to members at this time.  It provides context and details the PowerPoint cannot on its own.

Past presentations are only available for viewing and not for downloading.

Yes, our webinar presenters are provided a complimentary IPEIA membership for the year 

Backup presenters are key to our Technical Program planning.  As a backup presenter, you will be refunded the discounts that are allowed for presenters (see question on presenter discounts) if we use your presentation during the conference.  If we do not use your presentation at the conference, you will be automatically accepted as a presenter for the next conference.   

Renewals, FRoR, and Public – Exhibition Booth and Sponsorships

IPEIA’s Exhibition is sold out.  We do not have a waitlist.

We offer a renewal program for Exhibitors to secure their booth for the next conference at the same pricing* (ie: 2023 price will be the same for 2024 if they renew).

*Note: this offer takes place at the end of the current conference and is available for 2 weeks following, at the same pricing only to the previous year’s Exhibitors.

On occasion there are limited number of booths that become available each year because not everyone may be ready to commit to the following exhibition. Following the renewal offer, IPEIA will then open up “First Right of Refusal” for the available booths to be purchased at the new exhibition pricing. This offer is made to ONLY the following:

  • IPEIA’s previous year’s Exhibitors who did not renew their booths at the end of the conference & exhibition
  • IPEIA ‘s previous year’s Conference Sponsors

This is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, so the remaining past exhibitors and conference sponsors all have equal opportunity to secure any remaining booths.

The best option to have a chance at securing a booth at future IPEIA Conferences & Exhibitions is to become a Conference Sponsor to allow your company the opportunity to be a part of the first right of refusal phase, as we have not had any booths to offer to the general public for many years.

A detailed email including instructions and your unique RENEWAL code was sent to your organization’s primary point of contact that IPEIA has registered on file.

To ensure you are up to date on all of the important information regarding your Exhibition Booth and/or Sponsorship, please:

  1. Check the CORRECT point of contact is receiving this information (this is usually the last person who registered and paid for the booth or sponsorship opportunity).
  2. Ensure your point of contact is receiving these communications/emails to their inbox – note: they will come from our admin emails, so work with your IT department to ask them not to block any emails from IPEIA.
  3. Check your spam and junk folders for all IPEIA related emails, marking as Not Junk.
  4. Ensure that your point of contact is disseminating the communications to the appropriate personnel in your organization, so that everyone is aware of the important information being provided by the deadlines as needed.
  5. Check our website regularly for the most up to date information – bookmark critical webpages that pertain to your interests within IPEIA.
  6. Ensure that your payment has been received – all unpaid invoices for renewals will be closed, and any unpaid booth/sponsorship opportunities will be released for the First Right of Refusal process.

IPEIA’s Registration System is designed as SELF SERVE.  It is your company’s responsibility to keep your records with IPEIA up to date.  

Only one contact can access your company’s Exhibition and Sponsorship records.  Please ensure the person who is responsible for your booth and sponsorship opportunities have updated the system

If they are unable to access the registration system to update their information, please contact

To complete your payment for your Exhibitor Booth and/or Sponsorship renewal, please begin by logging into the Registration System by visiting here. From the black menu select Registration, then from the dropdown select My Registrations, followed by the renewal year (ex. 2024). This will bring up a list of that year’s registrations. Next locate your exhibitor booth registration, then click the View Registration button to the right of the record to proceed to your invoice.

If you DO NOT see a Proceed to Payment button, you will first need to verify that your contact information is correct by clicking the Go Back and Make Changes button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the registration form so that you can verify the contact information and agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the necessary check boxes. Following its completion, you may then select Continue and then Proceed to Invoice to return to the invoice screen. Once you return to the invoice, you should see a button to Proceed to Payment.


  • Guarantees your same booth same location for the upcoming conference year – you will have a spot!
  • Guarantees your same sponsorship opportunity for the upcoming conference year – no one else can grab it on you!
  • Guaranteed Pricing!

IF YOU CHOOSE TO NOT RENEW (or complete your payment by the deadline):

  • No guarantee you will secure a booth. All sponsors and exhibitors from the previous year (ex. 2023 Conference for 2024 FRoR) are invited to participate in IPEIA’s FRoR process to secure a booth for the upcoming conference. There are only a select number of booths available – and available on a first come/ first serve basis.
  • You can move or upgrade from your current booth location to another available booth – again, this is done on a first come/first serve basis and ONLY if there are any available booths to choose from.
  • Sponsors can choose to change to another available sponsorship opportunity.
  • Exhibition and Sponsorship pricing for the upcoming conference will be posted – FRoR is at the new year’s rates (any upgrades will need to be paid immediately at the new year’s rates (sum difference between the previous year’s renewal price to the upcoming year’s FRoR price)

IF YOU CHOOSE TO NOT RENEW OR FRoR: All available booths and sponsorship opportunities will open to the PUBLIC on as per the announced date.

To learn more, pricing and deadlines, visit Exhibitor & Sponsor Renewal - IPEIA.

*Past Exhibitors are eligible to renew their booth for the next conference (ie: 2023 price/same booth for the 2024 IPEIA Conference & Exhibition) or they can wait for ‘First Right of Refusal’ to purchase their booth for the next conference (next year’s exhibition pricing/select from available booths).  

*Note: past Exhibitors are not guaranteed a booth during FRoR as this opportunity is also available to all past IPEIA Sponsors.

Companies are only eligible to purchase one booth (it may be a single, double or a triple) but ONLY ONE BOOTH per company.  This maintains the integrity of IPEIA’s strategy to have as many different exhibitors as possible for our delegates’ experience.

The exhibition floor plan may vary from year to year as changes are made to the exhibit area.

Visit IPEIA - Exhibition for more information, including the pricing table within the Exhibition Information Package.

*Subject to same venue and space being contracted

If an Exhibitor wishes to move to a different location or would like to change their booth size, they will need to wait until First Right of Refusal (FRoR) opens. If there are any booths that were NOT renewed and are now available for purchase, an Exhibitor can change their booth location to the available booth.

Notes of consideration:

  • It is recommended that an existing Exhibitor renew their booth for the next exhibition or they risk losing their booth during the FRoR phase.
  • Past Exhibitors are not guaranteed a booth during FRoR as this opportunity is also available to all past IPEIA Sponsors.

Companies are only eligible to purchase one booth (it may be a single, double or a triple) but ONLY ONE BOOTH per company.  This maintains the integrity of IPEIA’s strategy to have as many different exhibitors as possible for our delegates’ experience.

The exhibition floor plan may vary from year to year as changes are made to the exhibit area.

Visit IPEIA - Exhibition for more information, including the pricing table within the Exhibition Information Package.

*Subject to same venue and space being contracted

IPEIA strategically predetermined the number of single, double and triple booths that would be made available at its annual conference. Historically there have been more exhibitors than available spaces. Booth sizes were reduced to accommodate more companies. We are also cognizant that without delegates, there will be no exhibition. Delegates tell IPEIA that they want to see the innovative solutions, new technologies that exhibitors have to present. They also want to see which new companies are entering the market. To ensure the conference meets delegate demands we are maintaining the ratio of single to larger booths. This balanced policy is intended to keep delegates engaged and ensure they attend the exhibition each year. Delegates are the heart of the conference and there would be no exhibition without their support.

Note:  We do have some exceptions from our past exhibitions which we will continue to “grandfather” to our current exhibition.  We will be reviewing these booths and circumstances for the following year.

The booths do not belong to the Exhibitor.  They are rented to them therefore if the Exhibitor is unable to attend, IPEIA reserves the right to rent it to another company.  Refunds are not issued unless IPEIA has been able to rent the booth to another organization.


Refer to IPEIA - Exhibition

Exhibitors receive STAFF passes to manage their booth at the exhibition, they MUST register using their staff pass codes (found on their invoice) in order to attend the conference:

  • Single Booth – receive 2 staff passes
  • Double Booth – receive 3 staff passes
  • Triple Booth – receive 4 staff passes

If anyone wants to attend the conference they must purchase a Conference Delegate Registration.

For full details on Exhibitor Staff Passes click here.

Registration - IPEIA

Click here for details on using Exhibitor Staff Passes.

Yes, they must register as a full delegate

No, everyone attending the conference must be registered

Exhibitors may purchase a day pass on the customer’s behalf

No, exhibitors who leave early will lose their First Right of Refusal privilege

No, only one company is permitted per booth 

Due to FOIP IPEIA does not share delegate information

Refer to the Exhibition Package online for the most current information

Additional items can be purchased through IPEIA show services – see online form

Yes, you may but they must be contained within your booth space and comply with IPEIA’s guidelines. 2023 IPEIA Exhibition Package

As long as everything is kept within your booth space, have appropriate stands and power to support it and it is not interfering with another Exhibitor or delegate (including noise) it is permitted.   If at any time IPEIA’s Exhibition Committee feel that there are any non-compliant issues, they will discuss this with the Exhibitor to find an acceptable solution.

  • Move In – Monday, Feb 27th – 12:00pm to 7:00pm 
  • Tuesday, Feb 28th – Exhibition Hours – 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Wednesday, Mar 1st – Exhibition Hours – 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Thursday, Mar 2nd – Exhibition Hours – 9:00am to 3:00pm (Exhibitors are invited to attend Closing Ceremonies from 3:00 – 5:00pm)
  • Move Out – Thursday, Mar 2nd – 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Includes:   Monday evening Ice Breaker Reception 

Excludes – Wednesday evening Networking Event
You must purchase your tickets for this event!!  Don’t miss out – limited tickets available

To update the contact information on your invoice, log into the registration site. Once logged in, in the black navigation bar, go to Registration->My Registrations->2023 (ie. The current year of the conference). This will bring up a list of your registrations. Click the Edit/Make Payment button next to the registration to proceed to your invoice. At the bottom of the invoice page look for the Go Back and Make Changes button. This will return you to the registration form, click the Contact Info tab to change the contact details.

No, IPEIA does not provide scanners or provide contact lists of their delegates.  IPEIA protects their members, delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and all guests of IPEIA under the Personal Information Protection Act |  Exhibitors are encouraged to find creative ways to engage delegates at the exhibition to connect with them. It is at the discretion of the delegate to offer their contact information to the Exhibitor.


Corporate Membership

A Corporate Membership offers organizations to show their industry support through IPEIA’s annual offerings.  They will be offered one complimentary annual membership and they will be promoted throughout the entire year through:

  • Website running banner and webpage highlighting corporate members
  • Webinars – recognition will be made to IPEIA’s Corporate Members at each webinar 
  • Email blasts and social media posts will highlight our corporate members throughout the year

Conference Sponsorships

A Conference Sponsor offers organizations to show their industry support during the Conference & Exhibition week. See above link for sponsorship opportunities and what each one includes. 

Special Sessions – Training

No, everyone attending the conference must be registered

No, everyone attending the conference must be registered

No, IPEIA provides morning and afternoon refreshments.

Yes, IPEIA will be facilitating the ICF during our programming of IPEIA’s conference.  You must be a registered delegates to attend.

We had an excellent response to our request for training this year. The new training format appears to be working well for us, (based on the number of applicants). Because of this we had a criterion for selecting training that we hope will attract the largest number of attendees.

Some of the criteria:

First question – What will attract the greatest number of attendees to the conference?

    • Training that provides some certification
    • Training that is in high demand
    • Training aligned with the goals and objectives of IPEIA

Second Question- What will keep attendees of the training as a hold over for the Conference?

We have 10 days of training available, we were looking for longer courses versus shorter ones, considering the travel time required, if the training is the reason that attracts attendees. So, two days of relevant training would beat a 4-hour training course, as an example.

Third Question – Is the training general in nature versus specific to one area?

Example would be Pressure Equipment Safety Legislation – training needed by all In service inspectors

Forth Question – Is this Sales versus Training?

In the past (even in 2022) we received feedback that the training was not actually training but, was more service providers convincing attendees why they should use there service over others.

So, the question is, will the training be perceived by attendees as sales versus training?

Fifth Question – Does the presenter have a track record that will attract attendees?

Several presenters are known to the committee and have had excellent feedback on quality of training and the ability for the presenter to get through to the audience, these presenters are known to attract people to the course.

So, are the presenters known, do they have a proven track record

Sixth question - Will the attendee get educational hours or a certification that will be useful in there given profession.

IPEIA and Special Sessions has been given feedback that they want to have some form of Educational Credits or certification. We are wrestling with this as a volunteer organization, we believe that the credits are important to attendees but have trouble tracking and monitoring what they are taking, so for the conference we state that some organizations accept the attendance as hours, and others do not. For the preconference training however, we are trying to provide something that IPEIA does not need to track but will give some sort of credit or certification.

Question seven, - Is there a risk of the trainer possibly backing out of the conference? or not getting enough attendees and dropping out before the conference?

This one is very subjective, and we could not really apply it, we need more information for this one.

Our committee reviewed all the submissions and discussed them, looking at the above criteria, and found it was difficult to rank, but did our best. The fact was that we got a lot of excellent training options put in front of us and we attempted to do our best a determining what would be best for the Conference. If this trial works in 2023, we will repeat it in future years, and will ensure that we provide variety, as to ensure we do not stagnate and continue to attract both excellent training and attendees.

As this is our first go at this format, we will have some learnings, and will be looking for input for improvement, specifically to our criteria.

We welcome feedback on how we can improve on the criteria for selection.

Education & Student Members

IPEIA does not define the credits.  We offer our full registered attending delegates a certificate of attendance only.  It is up to the organizations how many hours they will equate for their certifications for their attendance at IPEIA.

IPEIA’s webinar series also offers certificates of attendance following each webinar.  These certificates are sent directly to the member’s email that they registered for the webinar with.  IPEIA Administration does not manage these certificates of attendance from the GoToWebinar platform.  It is the member’s responsibility to manage this for themselves.

Yes, qualified and validated student membership applications can purchase an IPEIA Annual Student Membership

Yes, the Codes Courses will be offered to IPEIA Student Members ONLY

Membership & Webinar Series

IPEIA is an association built from our industry Members.  IPEIA facilitates membership offerings  throughout the year.  To become a members and have access to these offerings click here

IPEIA will be announcing their annual webinar schedule in December, watch the website and emails for more information 

IPEIA’s 5 year vision and plan was to expand their offerings to their members all year and the pandemic allowed us to escalate this.  Through our webinar series we are now able to continue to bring our members programming all year long and allow our international members and presenters the opportunity to connect when physically it may not be an option.  

IPEIA will continue to seek other opportunities to bring our membership together throughout the year.

IPEIA’s 2022 Membership can be purchased separately (it is NOT included in your Conference registration – the conference is ONE of the many offerings IPEIA has for 2022).

  • $250 – IPEIA 2022 Membership
  • Discounted early bird pricing is available if you have purchased a 2022 Membership is $650 for the conference

No, IPEIA’s registration system is single sign on and each person must have their own unique email and password to then access all of the information they may qualify for later with IPEIA (ie: certificates of attendance, past presentations, etc).

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