March 29, 2022

IPEIA Best Presentations

IPEIA Past Technical Presentations are available in our members portal! 

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Technical Presentations and Webinars are NOW AVAILABLE:

Stream Presenter Company Presentation Title
Best Presentation: Asset Integrity Management Lester Stanley HRST, Inc. Boiler & HRSG Steam Drum High Priority Inspection Focus Areas
Best Presentation: Failure Case Study Andy Daley Conocophillips How Robust is your Asset’s Risk Management Process?
Best Presentation: Material Selection / Properties Daryl Foley Group 10 Engineering Ltd. Carbon Capture and transportation Material Considerations
Best Presentation: NDT / New Technologies Ana Benz IRISNDT In-Service Damage Mechanisms and the Nondestructive Examinations that Aid in their Identification
Best Presentation: Regulatory / Codes Joyce Lam PCL Industrial Management Inc. The Hydrogen Economy vs. Standards & Regulations – A Practical Perspective
Best Student Poster Mackenzi Johnston University of Alberta Corrosion Analysis Of Welded Carbon Steel In Supercritical CO2 Saturated Brine

IPEIA 2023 Best Presentations

Best Presentation: Asset Integrity ManagementBianca RodeAsset Performance PartnersRemaining Life Risk Management of High Temperature Assets
Best Presentation: Failure Case StudyDana ColeCenovus Energy Ltd.Steam Separator Foundation Failure Case Study
Best Presentation: Material Selection / PropertiesKimberley MeszarosFlint Corp.Optimizing Composition and Application of Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) for Oil Sands Wear Applications
Best Presentation: NDT / New TechnologiesCameron SjerveIRISNDTUsing Laser Scanning Creatively in a Plant Environment
Best Presentation: Regulatory / CodesBruce StewartQuality Control Council of CanadaNavigating Field Heat Treatment Codes and Standards
Best Student PosterNicholas WaltherSAITCarbon Content Effects on Hydrogen Embrittlement

IPEIA 2022 Best Presentations

Best Presentation: Asset Integrity / ReliabilityDave AndersonScore GroupThe Convergance of IIoT, Data Analytics and Asset Integrity Management / Reliability in the Valve Industry
Best Presentation: Case StudyMatthew BellIRISNDTLearn what OTSGs are saying: Don’t Run out of Steam
Best Presentation: Material Selection / PropertiesAna BenzIRISNDTExamples of Localized Damage In Pressurized Components
Best Presentation: NDT / New TechnologiesTim HaugenQuest IntegrityThe Value of a Baseline Inspection: Fired Heater & Boiler Coils
Best Presentation: Regulatory / CodesPaul GormanACCENSUS ServicesReduced Level of Supervision for Specific Types of Boilers Located in Alberta and British Columbia
Best Student PosterRodrigo DiazSAITPhased Array Ultrasound in lieu of Radiographic testing for boiler tube welds (ASME B31.1)

IPEIA 2020 Best Presentations

Best PresentationKenny FarrowStress Engineering ServicesRecognizing Pipe Support Problems that can have a Negative Impact on your Plant
Best Presentation Trevor SeippBecht Engineering2020 ASME Codes Update
Best Presentation Gary CoatesNickel InstituteRecent Changes in the World of Stainless Steel and how they affect Fabricators and End Users 2020 ASME Codes Update
Best Student PosterTina ChenNAITHardness as a Function of Tempering Temperature in Martensitic Stainless Steels

IPEIA 2019 Best Presentations

Best Case Study Award: Asset Integrity Management Tony SchollTechnical Safety BCOverview of the Fernie Arena Ammonia Incident
Best Case Study Award: Asset Integrity Management Victor Del NeroLloyd’s RegisterAsset Integrity Optimization in the Oil Sands through Risk Based Inspection – Case Study
Best Presentation Darren BarborakAZZ Specialty WeldingWaveform Controlled Gas Metal Arc Welding for Weld Metal Overlay
Best PresentationTim ArmittLavender InternationalHTHA Damage Detection and Characterization using ToFD, PAUT and TFM/FMC
Best PresentationVictor Del NeroLloyd’s RegisterAsset Integrity Optimization in the Oil Sands through Risk Based Inspection

IPEIA 2018 Best Presentations

Up & Comer Presenter Award 2018Matthew Bell IRIS NDTH2S Damage – Hot or Cold, It Happens
Best PresentationMichael NugentThe Equity Engineering Group, Inc.Advances in HTHA Inspection and Evaluation (NDE and FFS) and Mechanistic Understanding (Model)
Best PresentationSteve StrachanSensor Networks, Inc.Asset Integrity Monitoring Through Installed UT Sensors
Best Presentation Robin AntoniukABSARevising the Reporting of Accidents