November 18, 2020

IPEIA Corporate Sponsors

Right at this moment, we have people on-site all over the world doing exactly that: managing complex pipeline & infrastructure challenges. It means they have to get to know a customer’s asset space intimately and then maximize its availability. It’s a job that demands both a responsible attitude and a passion for the environment.

2023 IPEIA Corporate Sponsorship


ARPIA is an association of Chief Inspectors and Asset Integrity Managers for downstream facilities that include but not limited to refineries, upgraders, chemical/fertilizer and SAGD facilities. They have extensive experience related to high operating temperatures & pressures that are subject to complex damage mechanisms. Currently ARPIA has a membership of over 20 with a vast amount of knowledge & experience in damage mechanisms, corrosion, material selection, inspection and shutdown planning, and repairs & alterations to pressure equipment. ARPIA provides an open exchange of information between members, regulators and other industry groups.

Assured Integrity Group Inc.

Assured provides support for the safe operation of industrial assets for our clients. Our services include conventional and advanced non-destructive testing, engineering, rope access enabled services in hard-to-reach areas and condition-based monitoring services to maintain the integrity of your assets and to significantly lower your costs of maintenance and operation. In summary, Assured offers the following services: 1. NDT services (PAUT, Ultrasonic Testing - Flaw Detection and Corrosion Surveys Magnetic Inspection, Liquid Penetrant Inspection, Radiographic Inspection, Hardness Testing, Positive Material Identification Ferrite Testing). 2. Engineering services (Piping Materials Engineering, Piping Materials Management, Stress Analysis, Piping Layout / Design, Multidisciplinary Review, Pressure Equipment Assessment FFS Analysis and structural). 3. In-service inspections services (Regulatory Compliance & Integrity Program Development, Historical Data Review & Analysis, Integrity Planning & Risk Assessment, NDE / Visual Inspection & Engineering, Reliability, Maintenance & Monitoring). We have over 25 inspectors with API 510, 570, 653, 571, ABSA PVPP, NB, CWB levels 1, 2 & 3, NDT CGSB Levels I, II & III in MT, PT, UT and PAUT and rope access. We also have team of Engineers with over 25 years experience to support you and tackle any Engineering challenges.


CCIA is an association of member companies or individuals that provides Asset Integrity Management (related to pressure equipment) services and Contract Chief Inspector services to operating companies in Western Canada. CCIA is two tier membership: Full Membership & Associate Membership. Currently there are 29 Full & Associate members and member companies with a vast combined experience in the Upstream Oil & Gas Integrity Assessment & Management, Corrosion, Engineering, Business, Consulting and NDE Industries

CEL Quality Services Ltd

Since 2001 we have provided integrity management, inspection and NDE services to western Canada. We specialize in the Visual & NDE inspections and program management of Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Tanks and Piping within Canadas Petrochemical and Heavy Industry to ensure the safe effective operating windows.

Deltak Inc.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Deltak Inc. is a worldwide leader in the design and supply of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) for combined cycle and cogeneration applications and Waste Heat Boilers (WHBs) for refining, petrochemical, incineration, oil production, industrial and marine applications. Deltak provides solutions and aftermarket services across the globe on all boiler OEM’s equipment.

Gecko Robotics

At Gecko Robotics, our mission is to protect today’s critical infrastructure and give form to tomorrow’s - refineries, power plants, heavy manufacturing facilities, vessels, water storage, and many more. We accomplish this through our robotics platforms in concert with our enterprise software solutions, acquiring, processing, and analyzing data for well-informed decision making. Our robots operate in some of the most dangerous industrial environments, collecting data of unprecedented value and maximizing the contributions of human experts while keeping them out of harm’s way.


IRISNDT is a global innovator in Non-destructive Testing, Asset Integrity Engineering, and Software Systems, providing specialized NDT, pipeline and pressure equipment integrity, robotics, and rope access services. Started in 1953, IRISNDT focuses on quality and safety, and provides leading edge technologies and service excellence to an ever-expanding clientele in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Integrity Risk Management a Q Test Company

(IRM) is a small asset integrity management company specializing in the inspection and management of process containment equipment for distinctly diverse clientele.

Intero Integrity Services

Intero Integrity Services specializes in inspecting Difficult to Inspect (DTI) assets, particularly pipelines, furnaces, and tanks. For over 35 years, Intero has been at the forefront of developing inspection technologies to inspect the un-inspectable. Intero has a track record of success using tools such as wireless, bi-directional MFL robotic crawler units (Pipe Explorer) which can be launched into an in-service gas pipeline via a hot-tap or into an open section of depressurized pipe, as well as free-swimming bi-directional Ultrasonic tools (Pipeline Surveyor) for inspecting liquid pipelines. Our inspection technologies target various threats including corrosion, dents, and longitudinal cracks. Our tools also have the ability to successfully navigate extreme bend configurations. At Intero, our ever-evolving solutions are designed to meet your challenges.


The industry leader in robotic inspection and maintenance technology, JIREH designs high-precision products to perform non-destructive testing on components within the oil, gas and renewable energy industries. With locations worldwide, we have provided solutions to clients in over 76 countries.


Loenbro provides a single-source solution for many industrial needs across a multitude of industries. Our professionals have the knowledge and resources to tackle challenges in many areas, including Inspection Services, Pipeline, Industrial Construction & Fabrication, Instrumentation & Electrical, and Industrial Insulation.

Prime Boiler Services Ltd.

With a Head Office located in Red Deer and branch offices in Nisku, Grande Prairie, Calgary, and Port Coquitlam, Prime Boiler Services Ltd. has been providing boiler sales, service, parts, rentals, water treatment and repairs across Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the Territories since 1991. Our team of professionals are capable of designing and constructing boiler rooms and the pressure piping associated with steam and heating in a facility or rental unit. To Support our mission of being a quality solution provider in the steam and heating industry, our Prime Experts endeavour to meet and exceed certification standards of ABSA, TSBC, TSASK, CSA, ASME and Transport Canada. By way of our thorough safety and inspections protocols we are able to ensure quality and reliable products and services that our customers have come to expect.

Russell NDE Systems Inc.

Russell NDE Systems designs and manufactures eddy current and RFT instruments and sells them worldwide. The systems are typically idealized for tube inspection, but can also be used for “Bracelet” type of array probes for far side corrosion detection and SCC crack detection. The instrument also connects to Russell’s VertiScan system for boiler tube inspections.

SUMMIT Inspection Services Ltd.

SUMMIT Inspection Services Ltd. (SUMMIT) is an Inspection Company based in Calgary, Alberta specializing in “risk based in-service” pressure equipment inspections and “risk based” corrosion management services, as well as above ground storage tank inspection. Formed in 2004, the company’s focus is to provide our clients with the highest level of integrity inspection and the highest quality of service, using the most competent and most qualified NDT examiners and pressure vessel inspectors available. The company offers a full range of NDT Services, Visual Inspection, Turnaround management services, Inspection Planning, Data Management and provides services for the Oil & Gas Industry, petroleum and petrochemical, pipeline, and power generation across Western Canada, from northeastern British Columbia to southeastern Saskatchewan, with a key focus in Alberta.

Select-SAI Inc

Select-SAI/Arcos Industries LLC is a Premier North American Manufacturer of carbon & low alloy, stainless, nickel and hard surfacing welding products.

Stress Engineering Services Canada

As a global leader in consulting engineering services and solutions since 1972, Stress Engineering Services has been providing the most comprehensive design, analysis and testing services with an unsurpassed level of engineering integrity and skill. Our Downstream Plant Services practice provides timely and cost-effective engineering solutions to improve plant and refinery on-stream efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan

Recognized as a leading safety authority – a Saskatchewan service provider, inspiring and shaping excellence in public safety. In collaboration with owners, operators and industry, we provide professional safety, educational and regulatory services that instill a high level of confidence in our public safety system.

Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd.

Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd. is a publicly listed company dedicated to the purchase, sale, and transportation of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) such as ethane, propane, butane and natural gas throughout North America and export to premium markets.

WQS Non-Destructive Testing

WQS is a Certified Aboriginal Business providing Non-Destructive Testing and Industrial Rope Access Services to a variety of industries across Western Canada. Our industry experience allows us to provide our clients with various efficiencies which reduce overall costs throughout project lifecycle, all the way through Turnaround, and continuing throughout maintenance. With our People-First guiding principle, we aim to be Canada's trusted leader in Inspection and Industrial Rope Access Services that protect the environment, clients' assets, and the people and communities they serve.

Zachry Integrity Engineering Ltd.

Zachry Integrity Engineering has a proud 34 year history of providing clients with innovative and cost effective solutions. Our team of qualified professionals are ready to serve your needs in the fields of Fitness-for-Service, Forensic Engineering, Equipment and Piping compliance and AI/Data Monitoring.