December 15, 2020

IPEIA Webinar Presentations Schedule

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IPEIA Webinar Schedule


January 19, 2023,
9:30AM to 2:00PM (MT)

IPEIA Special Sessions Symposium

Key Valve Takeaways for Pressure Integrity Personnel (4.5 hrs)

Valves vent fluids from over-pressurized systems. They protect life, property, manage flow, regulate temperatures, and help us to use energy efficiently. With so many essential functions, it is not surprising that their selection and use require specialized knowledge.

IPEIA’s January webinar is aimed at helping pressure integrity personnel keep valves running reliably. With this goal in mind, we have arranged for six valve specialists to discuss a variety of relevant topics.

Pressure relief valve types and servicing reality
Andy Legault, Unified Valve

Isolation Valve 101 External
Jordan Low-On, Tundra Solutions

Pressure Relief Valve Monitoring
Craig Fetting, Spartan Controls

Developing a Visual Inspection Program for Pressure Relief Systems—Case Study
Rick Marsden

Vapour or Liquid PRV – What’s the difference and how to comply with ASME Requirements
Dan Tompkins, Tescon

Pressure Relief Valve Leakage
Keith Galliott, Centrix Control Solutions


May 18, 2023,
10:00AM to 11:30AM (MT)

IPEIA Technical Presentations

ASME 2023 Code update

Trevor Seipp, ASME

In this update, we will present the upcoming changes to the 2023 Edition for ASME Section I; Section VIII, Divisions 1 and 2; B31.1; and B31.3. We will highlight the changes that will affect the manufacturers, owners, and jurisdictions.

Too Much to Inspect in a Turnaround? How to Convince your Organization to get the Work out of the Event!

Frank Engli, Becht

Today, more and more sites are challenged to meet the inspection workloads during a turnaround event due to tight schedule durations, resource constraints and budget challenges.
All teams recognize the need to inspect equipment to maintain safety and reliability objectives but default to turnaround to get things done. Many organizations resist the opportunities available of doing this critical work outside of the event due to numerous reasons, which create a significant workload during a time and resource limited period. In many cases, this places a site in a noncompetitive position and overwhelms site capabilities.
Competitive organizations take opportunities to spread the work out over the unit’s run length and conduct inspections outside the turnaround event and reduce peak workloads, balance the approach of equipment inspection, and take advantage of opportunities to inspect equipment on a timely and competitive basis while improving overall reliability and safety.
This presentation will outline the advantages and techniques that can be used to rebalance your inspection workload and provide your organization insights on how to optimize your inspection workload.

June 22, 2023,
10:00AM to 2:00PM (MT)

IPEIA Special Sessions

Introducing AMPP, The Nickel Institute, MTI, CCWJ, and their Knowledge to IPEIA (4hrs)

Beside IPEIA, other institutions aim to increase awareness on equipment safety and reliability. Several of these institutions have generously offered sharing some of their knowledge with IPEIA members via this June webinar. An introduction regarding each of the groups will be followed by one of the videos they use to educate their members.

Join us to welcome The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), The Nickel Institute, The Materials Technology Institute (MTI), and the Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining (CCWJ).

More details about the videos and presenters will be forthcoming soon. Don't miss these four hours of professional development.

July 20, 2023,
10:00AM to 11:30AM (MT)

IPEIA Technical Presentations

Using Field Inspection & NDE results to Upgrade Oil Field Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) Support System for Improved Reliability and Less Maintenance

Behnam Kholghi, HRST Inc

This presentation will highlight a support problem in an OTSG found with inspection and NDE and how the field information, original design information and engineering analysis were all used to develop a practical retrofit solution.

Anatomy of a UT corrosion survey

Nick Marx, Integrity Risk Management

This webinar will go through a review of live data from a number of UT reports submitted to the presenter from a number of NDE companies.
It will compare positives and negatives from each (no NDE company will be named).
Look at the significance of T-Min; for different Codes, materials, forms, years .
it will look at 'nominal' vs 'original' thickness, CA, mill tolerances, short / long term corrosion rates.
We will look at factors that determine remaining life and the potential ramifications of exceeding those dates

September 21, 2023,
12:00AM to 12:00AM (MT)

IPEIA Special Session

An Update from the Regulators 

More details to come... 

October 19, 2023,
10:00AM to 11:30AM (MT)

IPEIA Technical Presentations

The Practical Considerations of Welding 

Paisley Cameron, Becht

A presentation on the practical considerations of welding, this will focus on not only the theoretical and juristically requirements of completing repairs and new fabrication.

The True Costs of Hot Work

Don Cooper, Innovator Industrial Services

In this presentation, we will present the full process of hot work planning, mitigation, and approvals. We will discuss what those total costs might be in typical facilities, then introduce four new technologies that allow you to perform those repairs with cold work permits.
• Safety tools cold grinding and surface preparation systems
• Cold work quick flange installation
• Online Valve isolations with the cold work Add On Gate Valve (AOGV)
• Tank & structural integrity repairs leveraging Forged Bonding technology

November 16, 2023,
7:00PM to 9:00PM (MT)

IPEIA Education/Student Membership

Career Path Discussion and Industry Experts Panel 

IPEIA Student Members only 

Megan Sutton, Acuren

Josh Brewster, SAIT

IPEIA Student Members – Please join us for a career path discussion with industry experts who will be available to answer your pressure equipment integrity career questions! This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the Codes Course material, other IPEIA content, pressure equipment integrity, career path planning, etc. We hope to see you there! 

December 14, 2023,
10:00AM to 11:00AM (MT)

IPEIA Members Townhall

December 2023: IPEIA Townhall for Members

IPEIA Members Only

More details to come...

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