August 30, 2017

Conference Keynotes

2024 IPEIA Conference & Exhibition

What an amazing Keynote Speaker line up we have for you!!

Tuesday, February 27


“Security in a changing world: Conversation With a Canadian Spy”

Andrew Kirsch

Founder of Kirsch Consulting Group Inc And Security Expert Andrew Kirsch is a former intelligence officer who served with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) for nearly a decade. In this role, he held various positions such as policy analyst and field investigator and was responsible for leading teams on secret operations.

His memoir, “I Was Never Here: My True Canadian Spy Story of Coffee’s, Code Names and Covert Operations in the Age of Terrorism,” was a national bestseller, and provides a fascinating insight into his career as a spy.

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Wednesday, February 28


“Elevate: Optimize Well-being, Unlock Potential”

Leora Hornstein

With many challenges facing employees in today’s workplaces, and an ever-changing and uncertain future for individuals and organizations alike, we must be strategic about our well-being to realize personal success, thrive in our careers, and elevate organizational performance. We’ll need to build and rely upon a robust skillset to protect our health and wellness, optimize for the future and unlock our fullest potential. This keynote will share insight into the evolution of Well-being 2.0:

  • Gain knowledge to strategically build your well-being skillset: vision, goals and action steps.
  • Learn hands-on tactics and techniques to take a holistic approach to reimagine and reinvent your well-being. 
  • Get actionable advice to help you be well, now and for the future.
  • Understand well-being intelligence, how managing our own health and well-being impacts our teams, organizations and society at large. 

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Thursday, February 29


“Process Safety Leadership”

Vanessa Rawlins

Process safety excellence in the Oil and Gas Industry is more important than ever. We need to be able to demonstrate to our stakeholders that we can produce in a safe and reliable way. In this keynote I will discuss my process safety leadership journey, including how my career path has influenced my passion for process safety and the importance of leadership commitment.  I will cover reflections on my time working in Canada, being a member of IPEIA and functioning as Delaware Operations Manager in L48 as well as our triple mandate at ConocoPhillips – which is our vision for the future. ConocoPhillips triple mandate has been shared widely with our stakeholders and includes meeting the transition pathway demand, delivering competitive returns and achieving net-zero emissions ambition.

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