September 8, 2017

Member Emeritus

Bobby WrightBobby Wright

Bobby has 40 years’ experience in refining and petro-chemical engineering consulting, focusing on fixed equipment integrity as an SME.  He works very closely with maintenance, inspection, process and operations to help improve plant reliability, safety and profitability.

Bobby is a Professional Engineer in the state of Texas, holds a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been involved with IPEIA since 2004. He joined the Program Committee in 2006/2007 and is currently assisting with the PR Committee with Heather.

Owen Baker

Heather Fairfield

Heather Fairfield, IHS Market, is an account executive for technical information related to the pressure vessel, pipe and welding industry. Heather is a Member emeritus of IPEIA, past chair of public relations committee and has been an IPEIA member for 12 years.

John Janzen (In Memoriam)

Mark Palynchuk

Mark has been with Western Instruments since 1979 and currently oversees the manufacturer of Non-Destructive Testing equipment and management of the company. Mark started as a mechanical designer and is now the company President. His original focus was on Mechanized Ultrasonic Testing Systems for Tube and Pipe manufacturers, a subject he has authored and published 10 papers on. Mark is listed as a Co-Inventor on over 4 US Patents, one of which is as a result of Equipment developed due to his participation in the IPEIA Conference. The original conference was not going to have an exhibition, but Mark convinced the organizers to create a trade booth section. Mark’s company was 1 of the 6 original Exhibitors, 22 years ago. In 1997 Mark presented a paper on Non-Destructive Testing Equipment, and volunteered for the Steering Committee in 1997. Mark has lead the Public Relations and Program Sub-Committees for over 12 of those years. In 2015 Mark was appointed as Member Emeritus of IPEIA.

Hennie Prinsloo

Hennie was a major shareholder and president of RAE Engineering and Inspection until he sold the company to a group of the staff in 2008. Since retirement he still provides consulting engineering services under his own name. Hennie joined the steering committee in 1994 and stepped down after the 2014 conference. He was vice-president for a year (2012) and chair for two years (2013 and 2014). He is currently an advisor/ad-hoc member of the Education Committee.

Dan Violini

Dan Violini spent 10 years with Western Research & Development; 32 years as Associate Dean, Tutor, & Instructor in Energy & Natural Resources at SAIT and 4 years in Integrity Management at Keyera Energy Corporation all the while building and supporting IPEIA. He is a founding member starting IPEIA 22 years ago, he has performed the roles of Treasurer, Vice Chair and Chair. Currently he continuous to support the conference and association on various committees.

Jack Whittaker

Dr. Ken LauDr. Ken Lau

Dr. Lau began his career in pressure equipment in 1968 when he entered University of Manchester with a scholarship from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (UK), for his postgraduate study. He obtained his M.Sc., and Ph.D., through research in pressure vessel design and stress analysis. After time spent working in England, and Singapore, and Alberta, Dr. Lau joined the Alberta Boilers Branch in 1978. He became Assistant Chief Inspector in 1982 and in 1990; he was appointed Chief Inspector under the Boilers and Pressure Vessels Act. With the proclamation of Safety Codes Act in 1992, he was appointed as the Administrator of pressure equipment safety discipline. Since the formation of ABSA in 1995, he served the dual role of Chief Inspector of ABSA and Administrator of pressure equipment safety for the Province of Alberta until his retirement from full time employment in September 2014. Having been actively involved in pressure equipment safety and having served in a variety of positions in different CSA, ASME and ISO pressure equipment standards development committees, Dr. Lau has received a number of awards for his work in pressure equipment safety, including Member Emeritus status of IPEIA in 2014; National Board Safety Metal of 2009, the highest honour bestowed by the National Board, becoming the 21st recipient of the Medal in the history of the National Board; and CSA Award of Merit “in recognition of his outstanding leadership and expertise in the advancement of pressure equipment standards” in 2004. He was elected Fellow of ASME in 2005 and he received the ASME Dedicated Service Award for standards development in 2011.