September 8, 2020

Membership & Public Relations Committee

Keith Galliott

Keith Galliott – Membership/PR Committee Chair

Keith Galliott CET, Centrix Control Solutions has been exhibiting at IPEIA for many years and is excited to be the Public Relations/Membership Committee Chair with IPEIA. Keith’s experience with not for profit committee’s and regulatory board experience is a valuable asset to his work on the IPEIA committees. Keith is an Instrumentation Engineering Technologist with over 17 years of experience with Pressure Relief in Section VIII and Section I Applications.

Shannon Paquette – Membership/PR Committee Vice-Chair

Shannon Paquette is the District Manager with Acuren. She has been in the industry for over 20 years. Shannon has been working with IPEIA for 10 years.

Nick Marx

Nick Marx – Membership/PR Committee Member

Nick Marx, IMRL attended the 1st IPEIA Conference 26 years ago. He is a huge supporter of IPEIA and has only missed 2 conferences. He started volunteering his time to IPEIA in 2003 on the Program Committee and continued to evolve his roles. He started on the Steering Committee in 2007 as the Chair of Public Relations and was the Chair of the IPEIA 2017 Conference. Nick continues to provide his guildance and support on various committees and where is needed. IRML has been a bronze sponsor 5 years.

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Dave Jolivette – Membership/PR Committee Member

Andrew Rolf

Andrew Rolf – Membership/PR Committee Member

Andrew Rolf, President – WQS Development Corp., is a 20-year veteran in the pressure equipment integrity industry in various quality, inspection, and project roles. While Andrew has attended many IPEIA conferences over the years, this is his first year volunteering with IPEIA. “A better IPEIA helps us all, new and old”.

Scott Novakowsky

Scott Novakowsky – Membership/PR Committee Member

Scott Novakowsky is the District Quality Manager withn PCL Energy Inc. and been in the industry for over 25 years. His background in piping and module fabrication and asset inspection has led to many overseas oppertunities. Some of his credentials include NACE CIP1, ASQ/BSI auditing and CSA, CGSB.

Brandon Hutton

Brandon Hutton – Membership/PR Committee Member

Brandon Hutton (CET), is the North American Business Development Manager at Kamit Group Ltd. In this role, he offers expertise in managing international contracts and fostering technician development for the company’s operations in Africa. With a background in Materials Engineering Technology from NAIT and CGSB certifications, Brandon brings extensive experience in the quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) as well as integrity market sectors, gained through his impressive 13-year career in the industry.

Kevin Klassen

Kevin Klassen – Membership/PR Committee Member