September 4, 2020

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  • Increase awareness of pressure equipment safety, reliability, integrity and technological improvements associated with design, fabrication, maintenance, operation and inspection throughout industry.
  • Provide knowledge and education for the continuous improvement of the pressure equipment industry (pressure equipment includes boilers, pressure vessels and piping).
  • Provide a forum for the interaction between industry, regulators and educators.
  • Provide a platform through which pressure equipment industry concerns and or initiatives can take hold and be administered.

The International Pressure Equipment Integrity Association is a not-for-profit organization, comprised of individuals active in the Pressure Equipment Industry and related educational groups; the stakeholders in the Association include but are not limited to UCIA, ARPIA, GUAC, SIA, CCIA, and APPCA as well as individuals employed or engaged in the Pressure Equipment Industry.

2021 IPEIA Membership Registration – Still Available

Membership annual dues – January 1, 2021 through to December 31, 2021:  $125

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2022 IPEIA Membership Registration


Your membership includes: 

  • Special guest speakers – including industry leaders
  • Technical webinars – topics include inspection technologies & methodologies, NDT/NDE, risk based inspection, corrosion & materials, codes & standards, and much more
  • Invited to be a part of Integrity Challenges Forum sessions
  • Opportunities to engage with regulators
  • Access to past technical presentations
  • Networking!! Stay connected with your colleagues from around the globe. Our membership includes industry leaders from North, South & Central Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe.
  • Student involvement through IPEIA’s codes courses and student poster sessions
  • Receive certificates of attendance to apply for PDUs/certification renewals
  • One stop shop to industry vendors, suppliers and owners
  • Discounted rate for IPEIA’s annual conference with exclusive early bird access to registration.

Membership annual dues – January 1, 2022 through to December 31, 2022:  $250/per year
IPEIA 2022 membership registration will be available soon, check back for updates.

IPEIA 2022 membership coming soon!

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