January 17, 2018

Student Pressure Equipment Fundamentals Seminar

The Student Pressure Equipment Fundamentals Seminar provides post-secondary students with an introduction to essential topics relating to the pressure equipment industry. The topics span the entire lifecycle of pressure equipment including codes and regulations, safety, legal considerations, design, construction, maintenance, and retirement. 

The seminar is ideally suited for students interested in pursuing a career relating to the pressure equipment industry or who are interested in gaining a better understanding of the industry.  Facilitation is provided by IPEIA committee members with extensive industry experience. Special invited guests from industry, regulators, and educational institutions also attend and are available for informal discussions and networking opportunities.

Attendees should be enrolled in a post-secondary program before registering. Exceptions will be considered separately.

A Certificate of Attendance will be provided upon completion of the seminar.

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Student Testimonials

“The IPEIA codes course (now known as Student Pressure Equipment Fundamentals Seminar”) was an amazing opportunity for both a crash course and a summary for the codes that I briefly learned about in school. Having the information provided in the weekend course format and instructors who were willing to answer any question

– Tina Chen, NAIT Graduate (Materials Engineering Technology)

“I attended both the IPEIA codes courses, Beginner and Advanced, in 2022 (now known as Student Pressure Equipment Fundamentals Seminar”) . This course covers a lot of content in the allotted time and has helped me make the transition from new student grad, to working in a live facility. I still find myself recalling things I learned in the course that I can apply to the job, Definitions, construction codes, CRN numbers, over pressure protection, and more. The codes course is a great addition to technical knowledge for anyone looking to get into, or are new to, the industry.” 

– Cheyenne Starblanket, QC Level 1, NAIT Graduate (Materials Engineering Technology)

Please note the annual IPEIA Student Membership is a separate offering by IPEIA and is not required to attend this seminar. More information about the IPEIA Student Membership and the benefits of joining as a student member can be found here.