October 4, 2018


I was told about IPEIA from valve service industry colleagues because they felt it was good event for contacts due to our growing installed base of PSVs.

IPEIA helped by putting our company (manufacturing) in contact with maintenance and inspection people from end user sites and maintenance people from service companies. This resulted in first hand conversations about function of products in specific applications.Couple things I liked were location and time of year; allowing access to people away from busy shutdown season(s). Also was impressed with the committed attendance by some major end user companies.

I found the experience helpful in meeting many users and in one place and receiving consistent feedback.

I would recommend IPEIA to people who are looking to increase knowledge of industry requirements specific to pressure equipment within Alberta.

Don Thompson
Market Development Manager – Canada

The organization of the conference and transportation for us was amazing. It was a really good way to take everything we’ve learnt in the past two years and create some context. Giving us a a more relevant look into the industry definitely helped me have more of an idea of where I’m headed and what I want to achieve in the next stages of my career.

It was an eye opening experience to just how tight knit but welcoming the integrity industry can be, which is just what I needed to end the program off and start getting excited to get out and begin putting my skills to work.

Not to mention all of the networking and education that came out of the trip. Hearing real people’s industry experiences and difficulties that are going on in real time, takes everything we learn in the classroom everyday and puts it all into perspective.

For the individuals who took time out of their schedule, both and behalf or SAIT and IPEIA it was was a greatly appreciated opportunity.

This trip was defiantly the highlight of the WET program for me.


Submitted from various 2018 WET Students

The IPEIA Conference was fantastic! The positive vibe and energy at the Conference were definitely present. I was able to connect with many industry members and share with them CCIS Pressure Equipment Inspection Training (PEIT) Training program. I would like to convey my very special gratitude to all IPEIA Board Members for organizing this event, all the Presenters and Vendors who took their very valuable time to meet and greet our students and explain their operations and services.

The whole set up was very professional and managed very well. From the viewpoint of the students, the IPEIA Conference was a huge platform where they were not only able to connect, network with Industry but learn more about the business and gain more familiarity with the members of IPEIA. The students were also presented with opportunities to engage with those present at the Conference and are hopeful as they work hard to complete the program. We are very thankful to IPEIA for their continued support for the CCIS PEIT Training program.

Bob Khan
Director of Operations
CCIS Oil and Gas & Power Engineering Training Programs


We’ve attended very few conferences, in Canada or otherwise, that meet a standard of quality comparable to that of IPEIA. The presentations are informative, practical, and without commercial slant. The atmosphere at the Banff Centre is easygoing; it affords mechanical integrity veterans and novices alike the opportunity to network and share wisdom. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the Canadian Rockies make up the backdrop of the conference center!

Nick Schmoyer
VP & Technical Director

I have attended IPEIA for about 15 years and really enjoy the program, the people and the location. IPEIA is one of only 2 meetings that I know of in our industry that provides in depth technical information about the latest approaches, experience and applications focused on the refining, power, upgrading and petrochemical industries.

Bobby W. Wright
Manager, Refinery and Petrochemical Plant Services
Becht Technical Solutions